Teeth whitening treatments are one of the most in-demand beauty solutions for many people nowadays. When walking through the oral care section of a grocery store, it is impossible not to see toothpaste or even mouthwash that promises to lighten the shade of the teeth. Beauty vloggers who are known to do makeup tutorials also filmed themselves using a particular teeth whitening product. Some even introduced their DIY hacks by using items that can be seen on their drawers and fridge.

Although these means of whitening the teeth are cheaper and easily accessed by most people, safety, effectiveness, and comfort are the issue. In a time where almost everything can be achieved through the help of technology, people would rather stay at home and wait for their purchases to be delivered. For teeth whitening, some patients would instead settle for over the counter products than wait in line for professional procedures which are thought to be time-consuming and expensive.


teeth whitening


At Painless Dentistry, we have good news! It is now possible for our patients to get whiter teeth at the comfort of their own homes with a professional touch. It is attainable with the help of the At-Home Whitening Method our dental practice offers.


At-Home Professional vs. Over the Counter Whitening

The usual worries with OTC kits are the discomfort felt after the treatment and the uneven results. These are usually the result of the approach that follows the concept of “one size fits all.” Whitening strips or trays can be too big or too small for a patient, so it is possible for the whitening solution to spill on the gums or even the inner cheek lining. It can result in soft-tissue irritations or also known as a chemical burn. Due to this, there are portions of the teeth that do not come in contact with the whitening agent which can result in an uneven outcome.

With professional at-home treatment, these problems are eliminated since the whitening trays used are custom-created for each patient to guarantee a proper fit and full coverage. Besides, when it comes to the whitening agent used, the ones provided by dental professionals are more effective due to higher concentrations. Store-bought whitening products only have low levels of whitening properties, on the other hand.


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