Dentures are restorative dentistry methods that are used to replace the teeth that have been missing. Dentures, as teeth restorations are removable, they can be taken out as and when needed and can be put back into our mouth when we require them. There are two kinds of dentures available: complete dentures and partial dentures.

Complete dentures are the ones that are used to restore all the teeth in one’s mouth. Whereas the partial dentures are the ones that are used to replace just a couple of teeth, either in the lower jaw or the upper one. Partial dentures are placed in such conditions where a person’s natural teeth persist. Overall dentures are adopted into dental habits of people who suffer from tooth loss, because of various reasons- periodontal diseases, decay, injuries, or even accidents. But people’s lives do not have to stop then and there. They do not have to live with the negative effects of what happened in the past, in fact, dentures give them the opportunity to grow and prosper into life with an even more positively “restored” attitude.

Dentures not only solve the issues of confidence and self-esteem that people face once they have lost teeth, in fact, they also tend to provide functional benefits to the people. They can eat freely, speak freely, and the dentures also help them in maintaining their dental aesthetics as well as their facial aesthetics. Because of tooth loss, most people’s faces tend to sag, and this makes them appear older than they are. Dentures give their facial aesthetics a life and make them appear younger.

The adjustment period for dentures is brief. They are not what your natural teeth are, but are comfortable and functional in a similar way. In fact, since they are customized according to the needs of people, dentures become natural-looking and lifelike.

The procedure for getting dentures and partial dentures at the best dentist in Lansing needs a couple of appointments before you can finally walk out with a healthier and brighter smile. Impressions would be taken for you to get exactly what you require, according to the shape, size, and space in your mouth. This process might take a certain couple of weeks to complete. Highly accurate impressions are required to make sure that in the long run, your dentures fit yours perfectly. Once the impressions are taken, they would be sent to dental laboratories to be molded into actual dentures. However, before finalizing things, you will be given an opportunity for trying out the best-fit dentures, according to your needs. If there occurs even the slightest problem- be it related to shape, size, color, or related to the fit of the dentures, they might have to molded again or altered. Finally, once something fits perfectly and naturally, your dental care provider is going to fit them precisely to stay comfortable inside your mouth.

Once you get your dentures, there might be saliva discharge for some time, even mouth soreness. You might need some time to adjust to speaking and chewing with dentures in your mouth, however, all this will be fine once your dental and facial muscles get used to the dentures.

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