There are wide arrays of cosmetic dentistry options if you want to enhance the aesthetic of your smile. But if you are not just into looks but with the function as well, dental crowns may be the best choice.

Dental crowns are made up of caps usually shaped like a real tooth that is placed over the teeth. The prosthesis may be used as a replacement to the overall outer portion of the tooth to make some alterations to its appearance and function. Because of the popularity of dental crowns, many dental professionals are now incorporating the treatment into the many dental services that they offer. The materials being utilized to fabricate crowns come in many variations as well. Nevertheless, among the different alternatives available, our dentist at Painless Dentistry recommends crowns that are created out of porcelain.


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What are the benefits of porcelain crowns?

Here are the things that you can expect after getting porcelain crowns:

  • The porcelain-type crowns, in terms of color and texture, resemble mainly to the original teeth so patients can achieve a natural-looking restoration.
  • The prostheses can conceal various imperfections such as chipped, cracked, fractured, or widely-spaced teeth.
  • When you have worn out enamel and would like to strengthen your tooth once again, opting for porcelain crowns is beneficial.
  • Porcelain crowns cannot get stained or discolored. The treatment indeed is designed to give people long years of sparkly smiles.


How to give porcelain crowns the proper care?

There is no special formula to lengthen the lifespan of porcelain crowns. All you need to do is to practice good oral care routine. Clean the prostheses by simply brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing. To keep them in good shape, visit the dentist twice yearly. Additionally, try to withdraw from unnecessary habits that can cause damage to the crowns such as biting or chewing on hard foods and objects. Remember that the purpose of the teeth is to munch and grind foods alone. With that being said, using your pearly-whites as a tool is a no-no.


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