One of the most popular dental procedures nowadays is dental implants. Wondering how popular it is? According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), in the U.S alone, 3 million people have already availed of the said procedure. But what’s more surprising is, these digits are expected to increase by half a million every year!

The reason? Who would not want to have their lost teeth replaced by a dental restoration that acts the closest to real teeth? Dental implants are not worn over the gums or attached using metal wires; they are actually surgically inserted into the jawbone. Implants are not teeth; instead, they are these screw-like posts made of titanium which goes in the jawbone. Then, prostheses like dental crowns, bridges, or dentures will be attached to serve as the teeth.

Dental Implant

At Painless Dentistry, we believe that dental implants are the best alternative people can get nowadays; that is why we encourage our patients who suffer from tooth loss to consider it. If the lack of information about the said service is holding them back, let us help by sharing some must-know things about dental implants.


Who are the ones qualified for a dental implant procedure?

  • People free from gum disease which can potentially cause the restoration to fail in the long run
  • Those who are in good overall health to make sure there are no factors that can affect the healing process
  • Patients with a strong jaw bone to support the placement of implant posts and prostheses
  • Individuals who observe proper oral care not only at home but professionally as well for a better overall dental maintenance

Is there an age limit?

Nearly anyone at any age can avail of dental implants. Although most people who got the said restoration are seniors, younger people can benefit from it as well. That is if their jawbone has already fully developed.

Are implants safe to use?

Several organizations recognize the safety dental implants offer, and one of them is the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Besides, several types of dental implants are approved by the FDA.

What is the success rate?

According to the studies conducted by the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, implant restorations offer a success rate of 94.6 percent even after ten years. The longevity of the said teeth replacement is one more reason why people are convinced of giving it a go.


With all these pieces of information about Dental Implants in Lansing, MI provided, are you ready to give the procedure a go? If yes, call or visit us at Painless Dentistry to get started!