A person’s smile can either boost or downgrade their self-confidence. Having complete, beautiful, and healthy teeth will surely enhance one’s self-esteem. On the other hand, teeth that are damaged, cracked, broken, or decayed makes a person conscious of the appearance of their smile. Dental Fillings are used to repair damaged teeth caused by several factors either prematurely, habits, or by decay. Painless Dentistry offers Composite Fillings to restore cosmetic dental issues and to improve the appearance, health, and function of the patient’s teeth.

Composite Fillings: Defined and Explained

Composite Fillings are also called as tooth-colored fillings because of its natural look. It is used to repair teeth that are damaged by decay, cracks, fractures, or chips. Composite fillings provide durability and resistance to fractures for the teeth to withstand the pressure and constant stress of chewing when eating. It can be used on both front and back teeth. Tooth-colored Fillings are an ideal dental solution for patients who want to restore and repair their damaged teeth while maintaining a natural look.

The Filling Procedure

The application of a composite filling can be completed in a single dental visit.

  • The dentist will numb the area where the filling shall be placed and then drill the tooth with either an air abrasive instrument or a laser to remove the decayed portion of the teeth.
  • The treated space will then be cleaned thoroughly and prepared for the placement of the filling.
  • If the decayed area is near the tooth root, the dentist will apply a special medication to provide added protection.
  • Finally, the composite filling will be carefully and precisely placed into the space of the tooth.
  • The fillings are applied in layers and are hardened by a special curing light.
  • After filling in the tooth, it will be shaped and polished to create a tooth-like structure and look.
  • Proper adjustments will be performed to make sure that the Fillings would not affect the bite, occlusion, and smile for a favorable result.

Advantages of Composite Fillings

  • Natural-looking: The composite filling blends into the shade of the natural tooth, making it unnoticeable. It improves and restores the appearance of the teeth and the smile since it can either be placed in the front and the back teeth.
  • Preserves the tooth structure: The filling bonds to the tooth and helps prevent the tooth from breaking as well as insulate the tooth from changes of temperature.
  • Versatile: Composite fillings do not only improve aesthetics, but it also repairs mild to moderate types of damage for a better and healthier smile.

Tips to Maintain Good Dental Health

  • Practice good dental habits such as brushing the teeth two times a day with the use of fluoridated toothpaste
  • Eat balanced, healthy and nutritional foods
  • Floss the teeth daily
  • Practice proper mouth rinsing with the use of mouthwash
  • Schedule regular dental visits to the dentist for professional treatments

Dental treatments and procedures are helpful in terms of restoring and repairing cosmetic dental issues. Nonetheless, everyone must remember that prevention is always better than cure.

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