Dental implants are beneficial for so many reasons. It helps with the functionality of the mouth, aesthetics, and it brings confidence back to a person. Dental implants are surgically positioned beneath the gum line and securely attached to the jaw bone. Once these implants are in place, the dentist can easily attach a cap on them.  Unfortunately, despite the ease and comfort implants bring, some people are bridled with doubts regarding them.


Smiling senior with implants


There are countless myths surrounding implants. Here are some of them:

  • One misconception about dental implants is that they are painful. However, this is not always the case. The dentist will use sedation on the patient during the procedure and they can expect it to be as painless and as comfortable as possible. The dentist will present the patient with several sedation options to suit their condition and preference.
  • Dental implants are believed to take longer to heal. This is not the case for every patient that undergoes the procedure. The healing process can take from 1 day to 6 months. It depends on the condition of the patient, this determines the length of the healing process.
  • Some people believe that implants will look fake when compared to natural teeth. Contrary to popular belief, dental implants can match the aesthetic of the teeth. It will be hard to tell them apart if done correctly. The materials used for the procedure will be carefully decided by the patient and the dentist to deliver the best results possible.
  • The cost of dental implants is believed to be high. While it may be true that they primarily cost more than dentures and bridges, dental implants are durable and will last longer than the alternative solutions. The cost of having bridges and dentures replaced in total will amount more than the lasting dental implants.
  • Taking care of dental implants is seen as a hassle and troublesome task. Although some people believe this to be true, there is no special care required to keep dental implants. Maintaining it is not as difficult as people think. Taking care of dental implants the same way natural teeth is enough to keep it functional.


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