It is pretty disturbing to see blood in your teeth or gums when flossing for the first time. But it is even more irritating to deal with the ‘pink in the sink’ over and over again when brushing. Bleeding gums can happen to anyone. And if you do not do something about it, you might end up experiencing other complicated problems apart from the said condition. But before it happens, we at Painless Dentistry will teach you the ways to counter bleeding gums. These steps are dentist-backed and are proven helpful in keeping your gum health in the best possible state.


Gum disease

Tips For Bleeding Gums

Throw your cigarettes away

You can count bleeding gums as one of the many side effects of smoking. Tobacco is composed of harmful substances that are not just destructive to the body but the oral health too. When these toxins affect the gums, they will hinder the soft tissues from receiving the nourishment that they need. In return, they will become weaker and more prone to bleeding.

Sharing is caring – but not for the gums

Before you let your boyfriend use your toothbrush, think of the possible impacts that it brings to your oral health, most especially to your gums. Whether you agree or not, your loved one’s mouth is loaded with multitudinous bacterias – same goes to you. These unwanted particles are the main culprit of periodontal disease. You have so much bacteria in your mouth to deal with; you definitely do not need add-ons. Share your love, but your toothbrush? Never!

Alter your diet

Remember, your body is the foundation of your gums and vice versa. They need each other to survive. That said, nourish your body with the right foods. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutritional benefits. You might want to swap your favorite junk foods to these alternatives.

Good oral hygiene is the key

If you are religiously performing your oral care routine but still suffer from bleeding gums, there might be something wrong with the cleaning tools you use or your brushing techniques. It could be that you are brushing your teeth too much. Take note that part of performing proper oral hygiene is choosing the appropriate oral care products. Switch your hard-bristled brush to softer ones.

Dare to ask the dentist

You cannot merely rely on your theory. Seeking the assistance of a professional to counter your dental concerns is required. Bleeding gums can be an indicator of gum disease. Before trouble shows up, you’d better have it treated by the dentist.
Bleeding gums can be a symptom of periodontal disease. Need help? Talk to us at Painless Dentistry for our Periodontal Therapy services in Highland, MI. We are located at 2287 S Milford Rd Highland, MI 48357.