X-rays are common diagnostic tools found in any medical center or clinic. It is used by medical practitioners to diagnose, detect, and treat health issues. Today, x-rays no longer require a piece of film to view the patient’s condition. An advanced way of determining possible health conditions is through the use of a digital x-ray. Digital x-rays are safe, convenient, and efficient to use. It is popularly used by every dentist when dental problems cannot be spotted with just a regular oral exam.

We at Painless Dentistry believe that prevention and early detection is vital in keeping a healthy and disease-free mouth, teeth, and gums. We want our patients to have excellent oral health as much as possible that is why we provide quality Cleaning and Prevention services to them. Our dental hygienist is an expert in cleaning the teeth by removing moderate to extreme plaque and tartar build-up. During the cleaning and prevention procedure, an oral exam is also included. We will examine the patient’s oral health conditions and provide x-rays if necessary.


Dental X- rays


The dentist takes x-rays for an accurate diagnosis of an oral issue. The fact that it provides an actual image of the patient’s teeth, this will help the dentist decide the best treatment. Through the use of an x-ray, the dentist will have a clearer view of the patient’s tooth from the tip of the roots to the bone underneath the gums. For someone who wears dentures, a jaw bone deterioration may be left unnoticed. The only way to examine the state of the jaw bone is through radiographs. Deep infections in the jaw, if not treated, will lead to bone loss. Also, the x-ray will reveal any hidden cavities in the teeth which causes one to experience tooth pain. The x-ray passes through the mouth, going to the teeth. The teeth will appear lighter in the image due to x-ray absorption. However, the tooth that is infected by cavities will seem to be darker because of its inability to absorb the x-ray. For the case of missing teeth and abnormal development of the teeth, dental x-rays can also be useful.

Radiation is not a downside of x-rays because it is only emitted at a very low level. In fact, the natural gas that is used when cooking produces more radiation than x-rays. In conclusion, x-rays are both beneficial for the dentist and the patient.


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