Everything’s ready for that most awaited trip, packed suitcases, well-charged camera batteries, and all sorts of travel essentials. But picture this out, in the midst of your fun moments with friends in a Pizzafest in Naples, Italy, a tingling, sharp pain started to creep into your teeth as you are about to perform your first pizza bite. Ouch!

A toothache, every traveler’s nightmare. For some, it is not just merely a pain in the tooth, but also are headaches; the fact that it is difficult to locate a dentist in a strange city. In some countries in Asia and Africa, it is even harder to find a dental professional according to the statistics made by the World Health Organization.


Painful Toothache


Before dental struggle stops you from exploring what the world has to offer, we at Painless Dentistry suggest setting a dental appointment first before flying. Doing this will help you ensure that the teeth are in a good state. However, emergencies may be inevitable. Make sure to bring your insurance and the dentist’s calling card as we can assess and give Emergency Dental Care advice to your problem. Moreover, we list down tips to help you overcome different dental emergencies that may come in the middle of your travels.

  • Ask the dentist for pain relief medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Include these extras in your travel med-kit as it will help subside excruciating tooth pain.
  • Cap or crowns may also be subjected to coming off. When this happens, clean the prosthesis and keep it. Meanwhile, a wax can be used to cover the exposed tooth.
  • For a toothache, warm water rinses can soothe the inflamed area.
  • A cold compress may be applied on the site of the cracked tooth to prevent swelling.
  • Avoid chewing hard foods on the road such as popcorn kernels, ice cubes, or candies to avoid damaging the teeth.
  • When traveling during winter, wrap a scarf around your mouth to avoid tooth sensitivity.

Sports activities such as motorbiking are typically involved when traveling; while this might be a fun engagement, injuries that can affect the face and teeth are more common. As much as possible, dental emergencies must be halted. But when it does happen, know that Painless Dentistry is here for your Emergency Dental Care needs. Have a safe trip!

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