As one of the most misunderstood dental procedures, a lot of people do not realize the advantages of root canal therapy offers. Most people who were advised to undergo the approach tend to ignore it and opt for extraction, thinking it is the better solution. What they do not know is, they end up putting their oral health at risk and adding up to the initial cost as well.


But is a root canal that painful? Is it worth it? Let us at Painless Dentistry provide answers to these questions and more! We prepared a list of the most common questions about root canal therapy and provided the corresponding answers for everyone to get to know more about the misinterpreted procedure.


What really is a root canal?

Root canal refers to the portion of a tooth that holds the nerves, and also the treatment performed once the said area becomes infected. The objective of a root canal is to alleviate the pain felt by a patient while making sure that their tooth remains intact. This feat is made possible since the procedure only gets rid of the deceased tissues inside the tooth and by placing fillings once cleaned.


Is the procedure painful?

A root canal may have developed a bad reputation but know that this is inappropriate. Everyone should understand that the infection inside the tooth is the cause of pain, and the treatment is recommended to alleviate it. In short, root canal therapy relieves pain and not cause it.


How long will the results last?

If the tooth that has undergone a root canal does not have any leaks, it can last indefinitely. But, to make its effects last, patients should observe the proper oral care practices at home and by scheduling routine dental appointments without fail.


Is there an alternative procedure?

The other solution for a tooth infection is by having the problem structure extracted. However, since it is always best to preserve natural teeth, undergoing a root canal is the ideal approach. Remember, if extraction is chosen, patients would then need to consider a dental restoration. Failing to do so can lead to more issues in the future.


What to expect afterward?

For days, the tooth will feel sensitive, but patients can easily relieve this through over the counter medications. Instructions will be given by the dentist to make sure that the patient will perform proper aftercare. Depending on the extent of the damage, the dentist may recommend the patient to get a dental crown to provide additional support for the tooth.


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